The Growth Hubs

The Growth Hub model is an emerging initiative across the UK and this funding will allow Indonesian HEIs and their stakeholders to participate in this exciting approach to university-enterprise cooperation.

The Growth Hub at the University of Gloucestershire acts as a single resource for capacity building within the University by bringing together a wide range of skills, connections and a capability to innovate enterprise services and products.

It is a physical space where academics, students, graduates, start-ups and enterprises come together to share ideas. For businesses it is a one-stop-shop for support (for start-ups through to large corporations); for students it is a resource through which to develop new skills and launch new enterprises; and for academics it is a place where interactions with business and students can be facilitated.

By the end of the project, seven Growth Hubs will have been created by the participating Universities in Indonesia as part of the triangular approach. They will be interconnected through the GITA Learning Network.