The GITA Learning Network

The connectivity of the different University stakeholders in Indonesia to each local Growth Hub will provide new opportunities for innovation. Integrating the three components of the triangular approach will lead to the creation of a new and innovative learning network embedded in each University’s differing activities, and also between  the Universities in Indonesia.

The GITA Learning Network created from the three streams of the triangle will be aligned to specific local or regional requirements and also to the strategic needs of the Indonesian higher education and SME sectors. This new initiative will be a self-sustaining activity post project completion as it is embedded within the daily activities of the Growth Hub within each University.

The GITA Learning Network will ensure that the activities taking place at local level continue to evolve in a relevant, impactful and sustainable manner beyond the project. Local Growth Hubs will be financially self-sustaining and develop action plans for ensuring ongoing financial and operational viability as well as ongoing access to funding streams by collaborating with public and private sector organisations.

The GITA Learning Network oversees the implementation, dissemination and long-term impacts of the project and its outputs and provides dynamic capabilities to ensure that the activities of the established Growth Hubs remain relevant, impactful and financially sustainable. Key elements will be the generation of new income and funding mechanisms for start-ups, benchmarking and knowledge exchange.