Students and academics

The facilitation of university-enterprise collaboration provides staff with access to innovative and practice informed teaching methods and opportunities for linking teaching with real-world research. Indonesian academics involved in fostering local SMEs will benefit from the expertise of the Learning Network and advice available through the local Growth Hubs.

The creation of entrepreneurial learning outcomes (ELOs) and their embedding within curricula will improve the competitiveness and recognition of associated graduate profiles and thus, the employability of graduates. By increasing the business acumen of graduates they more are likely to become entrepreneurs. Students will benefit from having access to a recognised platform for career development, job searches and start-up advice.

The creation of a physical as well as virtual space that enables ongoing university -enterprise collaboration and collaboration with other stakeholders will facilitate ongoing dialogue about the currency of curricula, the effectiveness of learning and teaching methodologies, benefits derived by different stakeholders and different activities, and opportunities for innovating and improving the work of both Growth Hubs and the GITA Learning Network.