Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES), Semarang, Indonesia

Established in 1965, UNNES is one of Indonesia’s biggest state universities. Its original name was Teacher Training College Semarang (IKIP) serving Central Java. In 2010, UNNES was declared a conservation university by the National Education Minister. It aims to consistently promote protection, preservation and sustainable utilization of natural and cultural resources. UNNES sees conservation as a manifestation of the Tridarma of university: education, research, and community service. UNNES is involved in several projects, including the following:

Green Architecture and Internal Transportation

A programme that develops guidelines on the environmental friendly construction of new buildings, supports the construction of sidewalks and bicycle paths/shelters, promotes environmentally friendly transportation, builds a model of biopore and a model for energy saving buildings.

Paperless Policy

A programme to minimise the use of paper through IT owned by UNNES. The programme is implemented through a web-based app system and online publications, and improves infrastructure for organisational development.

Waste Management

A programme that includes composting, recycling, laboratory waste processing, and dry leaves/flower processing.

Clean Energy

A programme that utilises renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies.

Art Cultural Conservation

A programme that promotes environmentally friendly attitudes within the field of culture, such as planting and taking care of plants, using less paper, and energy efficiency.

 Conservation Cadres

A programme which aims to increase the conservation cadre both within UNNES and local communities. The programme includes cadres’ recruitment and conservation training, socialisation, and cooperation with parties related to conservation and environmental activities.

Other activities

As an HE institution, Universitas Negeri Semarang, especially the Faculty of Economics, has several academic platforms, such as ISEI (Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia– Association of Indonesia’s Economics Graduates) which has regular discussion activities related to current economics issues. Besides, they are also part of seminar consortiums which is held annually called International Conference on Economics, Education, Business, and Accounting (ICEEBA). This consortium’s international conference’s members are not only from Indonesia, but also other countries which provides opportunities for sharing the outcomes of the project internationally. These platforms consist of academicians, practitioners, and other related stakeholders that could be used as information exchange and make the results of the projects accessible to wider audiences.

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