Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

UII is a private university, founded in 1945. UII has 8 faculties: Economics, Law, Civil Engineering and Planning, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Psychology and Socio-Cultural Sciences, Islamic Studies, Industrial Technology, and Medicine. With 700 lecturers and 20,000 students enrolled in 25 bachelor, 8 master, 4 vocational, 4 professional, and 4 doctoral programs, UII is among the biggest universities in Indonesia; contributing significantly to national development through 80,000 alumni, who have served the nation in various sectors.

UII aims to focus on research activities; assuring funding sustainability of research activities originating from external parties, and extending the opportunities for product and new business development. This will allow UII to strengthen investment in research facilities and achieve research excellence. UII aims to attain innovative world-changing research levels addressing global challenges.

UII attained various institutional achievements and rewards. Among those acknowledgements is the ‘A’ grade for institutional accreditation given by the National Board of Accreditation. UII is among the pioneers in Indonesia for the internal quality assurance system. UII is among the top 10 best universities in Indonesia in quality management (Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education in 2015).

UII has developed more than 220 national and international partnerships. UII has 51 active international partners focused on the collaborative development of academic programs; these come from countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Cyprus, Morocco, The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, and USA.

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