Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia

Universitas Brawijaya was transformed into a state university in 1963. At the time of its transformation into a state university, it had 5 faculties: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of State Governance and Trade Management, the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry. All its 119 study programmes have been accredited through the National Accreditation Agency; 40.3% with an A grade (the highest level).

Universitas Brawijaya seeks to become an outstanding world-class university and able to take an active part in the national development through education, research and community services”.

The University is supported by 1,928 active permanent lecturers or academic staffs (9% Professors 24% staffs with Doctoral degree, and 78% staffs with Masters and Bachelors). The number of supporting staff i.e. administration staff, librarian, and laboratory staff is approximately 1,659. In order to create internationally competitive graduates, programmes include competence-based curricula. These have been set to comply with the National Qualification Framework of Indonesia (KKNI). Students develop competences in entrepreneurship, ICT as well as an international language (English).

The University has a Institute of Research and Community Services (LPPM) that manages staff activities funded by both the government and private sector. This institute sets a policy, for the protection of creative efforts a (Intellectual Property Right Policy) based on government regulation/act as well as a code of conduct for research. The community service activities conducted by 80% of lecturers involve training, community empowerment, consultation, and incubators. The university also has a job centre which feeds into curriculum development.

Amongst the activities conducted by Brawijaya University is the hosting of regular entrepreneurial expos. The expo is conducted in the Great Hall of university (Samantha Krida) and sometimes in an open space inside the university. The great hall capacity can accommodate more than 2000 people, while the open space expo can be conducted in the parking hall during the dry season. The expo is provided to share the results of entrepreneurial product of the students and outcomes related to business mentoring.

Brawijaya University has good relationships with local and regional newspaper that can provide a regular space for activities and share the results of entrepreneurial education. In addition, Brawijaya University also has a local tv (UB TV) that can be used to disseminate the results of the project.

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