By 2020 we will have

embedded entrepreneurship education into University curriculacropped-lecture-385357_1920.jpg


created 7 Growth Hubs across Indonesia with an incubation facility for cultivating innovation and exploiting new ideas applied to local and regional economiescropped-office-1209640_1920.jpg

created a GITA Learning Network to grow entrepreneurial capacity further in the future across Indonesiacropped-social-media-862117_1920.jpg




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“I very firmly believe that in order to make this world more peaceful and more resilient, we have to promote international collaborations, education, citizenship and wealth creation. The GITA project is an opportunity to do just that. Having secured close to a million euros is an amazing achievement for the University of Gloucestershire Business School and we could not have wished for better and more committed partners in this exciting and important endeavour.”

Nadine Sulkowski, Project Team, University of Gloucestershire Business School